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Influencer offensive for GO by Steffen Hennsler

Influencer-campaign as recommendation marketing for the opening of the exclusive sushi-delivery service

OBSESSION motivates 18 selected, regional influencers to give a presentation of their sushi platters at the opening of the new delivery service GO by Steffen Hennsler @ Villa Kennedy, Frankfurt a.M.

An exquisite selection was sent to the Friends brand to taste for themselves and to share the pleasure with their community. This includes smaller influencers with a close-knit community of around 3,000 followers up to well-known, active across Germany personalities with 300,000 followers.

With our influencer acquisition, we guarantee an encompassing mix to reach different target groups and to achieve national awareness.


Influencer cooperation

YouTube Produktion mit Nischen-Influencern

Wein-Liebhaber Karl Gladeck und Wine-Punk Marco Zanetti (Wine Guys) treffen die Bloggerin Charlotte Jung.

Unter dem Motto „easy & creative winereviews for everyone“ postet sie als @winelotti​ auf ihrem Instagram-Blog.

OBSESSION übernimmt die Akquise und Qualifizierung von Nischen-Influencern.

Influencer & social Media

Brand Friends

Influencer mit echter Wirkung, MEHR als nur Reichweite!

Online-Communities brauchen Inhalte, die einen praktischen Nutzen bringen und echte Konversationen schaffen – der Fokus geht hin zu Mikro- und Nano-Influencern, kurz Brand Friends.

Ein kleines, aber viel engagierteres Publikum macht sie so besonders. Sie helfen Marken nicht nur dabei, potenzielle Fake-Influencer zu vermeiden, sondern sorgen für ein authentisches Engagement.

Einzigartige Typen mit Skills und Personality, die sowohl online als auch offline Ihre Community haben, sind Influencer mit echter Wirkung und einem qualitativen Publikum.

In Kombination mit Live-Happenings machen wir Ihre Marke erlebbar und schaffen authentischen Content und Brand-Experience mit nachhaltiger Wirkung und Sales-Performance.

Gerne entwickeln wir gemeinsam mit Ihrem Input echte Markenbotschaften und eine optimierte Kampagne mit Erfolg.


The Content Lab

To enhance the social media experience campaigns for our clients, we believe in fostering a close relationship with influencers through direct and meaningful interactions. With this objective in mind, we proudly present our very own event format, THE CONTENT LAB by OBSESSION GmbH. This innovative concept brings together content creators and brands in a dynamic and engaging platform during an event. THE CONTENT LAB is designed as a captivating blend of education and experiential learning for both content creators and brands. We are excited to feature esteemed speakers and educators, including Creators from Frankfurt such as Philip Deml and Paulina Kurka, alongside the TikTok sensation Younes Zarou. Through THE CONTENT LAB, we aim to facilitate an enriching exchange of insights and ideas, ensuring that our clients and influencers are empowered to create impactful and exceptional social media campaigns. By fostering such close collaborations, we continue to elevate the standard of social media experiences and leave a lasting impression on audiences.


Frontpage TV

Das Unterhaltungsformat der Gen Z

Mit ihrem eigenen TikTok-Channel produziert der OBSESSION Partner unterhaltsame Videos  im eigenen Filmstudio mit den Lieblings-TikTok Creatern der Generation Z und wurden so selbst zu gestandenen TikTok-Größen.


Our partner in Crime -ääh Wine

OBSESSION proudly presents: „The Wine Guys“

Corona's challenges have sparked creativity, leading to an unexpected but fortuitous collaboration between OBSESSION's CEO Olli Bechler, "Wine Punk" Marco Zanetti (the world's most tattooed sommelier) and "Crazy Karl" Karl Gladeck (an airline broker and wine enthusiast) founded the WORLD WINE WEB.

The new platform for the wine business. With its own wine TV programmes, the company immediately set up its own YouTube format, which has already reached over 1 million viewers. Own talk shows with star guests, visits to wineries, wine regions, interesting cooking events with celebrity chefs and food parings and the brand new Rock'n'Roll Wine School make this channel a highly exciting infotainment format. In the Wine Shop at, the Wine Guys offer not only the wines from the program but also a wide variety of selected wine gems for purchase. The whole thing is crowned by our own WINE-GUYS-CLUB - a mixture of Wine-Business-Club and a community for and of wine friends with regular wine tastings and in future also wine trips and other experience and incentive offers around wine for private and business customers.

Check it out, whether on YouTube, Instagram, soon also on TikTok - or simply in the Wine Guys' wine bar in the OBSESSION co-working space in Frankfurt - you're welcome!

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