Sweet on Streets Tour

The Bahlsen Roadshow was a remarkable success, reaching a staggering 3.5 million potential contacts across 7 stops. This dynamic campaign focused on promoting sustainable awareness of Bahlsen COOKIES, and we achieved an impressive 150,000 tasting contacts throughout the journey.

  • To create an unforgettable experience, we integrated live baking sessions within our eye-catching SWEET-ON-STREETS-Cube at highly frequented events. This allowed visitors to witness the baking process firsthand, leaving them with a delightful and lasting impression. Our congenial and authentic appearance was a key factor in captivating the audience. To complement our engaging presence, we incorporated fun and interactive modules, such as the charming Ape vehicle, practical cargo bicycles, and a captivating walking act. These elements added an extra layer of excitement and uniqueness to the Roadshow, resonating with the attendees and enhancing the overall experience. Thanks to the combined efforts of our dedicated team, the Bahlsen Roadshow left a remarkable impact, raising sustainable awareness of Bahlsen COOKIES and establishing a lasting connection with our target audience.
  • • Live baking in the SWEET-ON-STREETS-Cube at highly frequented events
  • • Congenial and authentic appearance underlined by modules such as Ape, cargo bicycles and walking act

On the Great Champions Tour

48 roadshows took place on 86 event days

Wander ag

Ovomaltine Sampling Measures

As a leading sampling agency for Wander AG, OBSESSION is developing the central sampling strategies and cross-marketing approaches for the Ovomaltine product lines for the whole of Germany and is taking over the implementation of measures in the areas of packaging, sampling and POS activation.


Traffic jam breakfast

For two years in a row, OBSESSION organised the traffic jam breakfast for OPEL. With a friendly smile, the promotion teams surprised the target group of motorists in morning traffic jams, car parks, shopping centres and inner city areas.

  • 183 missions
  • 450,000 bags
  • 2.6 million euros in tangible assets
  • Cross-marketing campaign with partners from the food industry: RedBull, Daim, Werthers Original, Ricola etc.

Ferrari Roma Roadshow "La Nuova Dolce Vita"

OBSESSION realises Top Visibility Campaign for Ferrari

As organizers of seven exclusive events we have the privilege of getting up close with luxury cars. In collaboration with Autohaus Ulrich Frankfurt, OBSESSION presents the Ferrari Roma and "La Nuova Dolce Vita" in the vibrant metropolitan regions of Rhein-Main and Rhein-Neckar, offering a unique opportunity to experience the luxury and allure of Ferrari firsthand (cities like Wiesbaden, Frankfurt, Mainz, Heidelberg, Deutsche Weinstraße and more).

To address the extended target group, OBSESSION has developed a new experience concept around the Ferrari Roma as part of the Top Visibility Campaign . Exclusive events were organized, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the modern interpretation of the Italian attitude to life, experienced firsthand through the Ferrari Roma. Attendees had the option to pre-register for exhilarating test drives, enhancing their involvement with the brand. The carefully selected locations at high-traffic sites reflected the special charm of "La Nuova Dolce Vita" and created a luxurious ambiance. 

The campaign focused on targeted social media measures for lead generationFerrari enthusiasts and potential buyers were invited to experience the Ferrari Roma and "La Nuova Dolce Vita" live through media partners and an online campaign on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Detailed targeting was employed to identify the target audience through social media ads, intriguing them to register for exclusive events with the help of specially shot teaser videos.
Via Facebook's & LinkedIn social ads, interested parties were placed into event groups, where they were engaged with further posts to maintain their interest. The associated landing page provided interested individuals with additional information and the opportunity to register for the events. Additional reach for the luxury brand was attained through the the strategic integration of influencers at the events and fruitful cooperation with local blogs and social media accounts.

OBSESSION's successful implementation of these measures resulted in extensive coverage for the Ulrich Frankfurt car dealership and bolstered the visibility of the Ferrari brand.

By targeting new and diverse audience segments, the campaign generated numerous registrations for test drives and sales discussions. The collaboration with influencers and local online platforms and online ads proved to be a winning strategy , leaving a lasting impact on both the dealership and the esteemed Ferrari brand. 


Müllermilch Brand Activation at the Kitesurf World Cup on Sylt

OBSESSION took the iconic Müllermilch Bottle to new heights by securing a premium partnership in the thrilling sponsorship environment of fun sports at the Land Rover Kitesurf World Cup on Sylt, held from 17th to 22nd August 2021.

As the brand's strategic partner, OBSESSION crafted a comprehensive activation concept that seamlessly integrated live and digital elements, ensuring a dominant presence across all media-relevant advertising platforms. The meticulously designed concept encompassed a more than 100m² campaign stand strategically located on the event site's bustling mile. This impressive stand served as a central hub for engaging with the event attendees and maximizing brand exposure.

From concept development to the production of branding and advertising materials, OBSESSION managed the entire process with utmost precision. Our dedicated team flawlessly handled logistics, ensuring smooth operations and coordination throughout the event. On-site support and supervision further guaranteed that all measures and participants were in perfect harmony, elevating the Müllermilch Bottle's presence to new heights. Through our holistic activation approach, the Müllermilch brand achieved a compelling and memorable presence at the Land Rover Kitesurf World Cup, cementing its position as a prominent player in the world of fun sports. The success of this partnership was a testament to OBSESSION's commitment to excellence in conceptualization, execution, and event management.

Influencer & social Media

Brand Friends

Influencer mit echter Wirkung, MEHR als nur Reichweite!

Online-Communities brauchen Inhalte, die einen praktischen Nutzen bringen und echte Konversationen schaffen – der Fokus geht hin zu Mikro- und Nano-Influencern, kurz Brand Friends.

Ein kleines, aber viel engagierteres Publikum macht sie so besonders. Sie helfen Marken nicht nur dabei, potenzielle Fake-Influencer zu vermeiden, sondern sorgen für ein authentisches Engagement.

Einzigartige Typen mit Skills und Personality, die sowohl online als auch offline Ihre Community haben, sind Influencer mit echter Wirkung und einem qualitativen Publikum.

In Kombination mit Live-Happenings machen wir Ihre Marke erlebbar und schaffen authentischen Content und Brand-Experience mit nachhaltiger Wirkung und Sales-Performance.

Gerne entwickeln wir gemeinsam mit Ihrem Input echte Markenbotschaften und eine optimierte Kampagne mit Erfolg.


Supervisor / Teamleiter

Supervisor & Teamleiter werden bei einem Einsatz von mehreren Promotoren oder Hostessen zur Koordination und Kontrolle der Einsätze eingeteilt.
Sie zeichnen sich durch Führungsqualitäten und großes Erfahrungspotential aufgrund eigener Einsätze als Promotoren oder Host bzw. Hostess aus.



VIP- Hostessen werden in der Regel in VIP-Bereichen zur Betreuung von VIP-Gästen eingesetzt. Über die Kompetenzen einer regulären Hostess kennen sie die besonderen Anforderungen und Wünsche von VIP-Gästen und verfügen i.d.R. über sehr gute Fremdsprachenkenntnisse.


Sales promoter

Verkaufspromoter oder Sales-Personal


Walking Act




Premium Line Promotion

Event promotion of cigars & cigarillos with the focus on marketing the premium line

As the lead agency for the Villiger Premium Line, we have been responsible for holistic marketing measures in live, digital and event areas since the beginning of 2018.

  • Development and elaboration of a holistic umbrella strategy, tailored to the premium products
  • Development of a central communications strategy
  • Development of a mechanism for detailed surveying of consumer insights of the ZG
  • Planning and production of individual photo box modules
  • Planning and production of campaign set up
  • Recruiting, staff selection, briefing and staff billing

Mobile Massage-Einsätze

Geschultes Massage-Personal

Hierbei handelt es sich um speziell geschultes Massage-Personal für belebende & entspannende Wohlfühlmassagen mit Fokus auf den Rücken –und Schulternackenbereich ohne Hilfsmittel & Entkleidung.
Ideal für alle Arten von Veranstaltungen, Messen, Kongressen, Roadshows, Promotionaktionen oder für die Mitarbeiter im Büro.


Infotainment Cube

Promotion Cube for NHW in Gießen

Live-Kommunikation at it’s best!

In the summer of 2021, NHW took a dynamic approach to engage prospective tenants for state-subsidized housing in Gießen by organizing a virtual tour of the properties on the building site.

To ensure a memorable and Corona-compliant experience, OBSESSION crafted a cutting-edge Infotainment Cube, exemplifying live communication at its best.

The custom-made Infotainment Cube served as the central contact point and a safe meeting room for interested parties. Attendees were welcomed with refreshing cold drinks and coffee, creating a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. Within the cube, valuable information about NHW's rental properties was readily available, allowing potential tenants to explore their housing options in an interactive and engaging manner. The innovative setup provided a seamless blend of entertainment and information, capturing the essence of live communication.

By using the Infotainment Cube as a versatile and attractive promotion tool, NHW successfully showcased its offerings to a wide audience while adhering to the necessary safety measures during the challenging times of the pandemic.


Product consultant

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